Buckwheat rolled dumplings with quark

Buckwheat rolled dumplings are distinguished by a light dough with a high proportion of buckwheat flour and a rich filling of domestic, Slovene quark. We may prepare them as a salty side dish to luncheons, as an independent dish with salad, or they may be served as a dessert. They may be cooked simply – in a pot without a napkin.

Weight: 400g


30–35 minutes

Put frozen rolled dumplings into boiling, slightly salty water. Cook them for 30 to 35 minutes at a slight boil, so that they don't get overcooked. When they're cooked, immediately strain them, dress them and serve them as an independent dish or as a side-dish. You may prepare them as a salty side-dish or as a sweet meal.


Buckwheat has been characteristic of Slovene landscape and cuisine since ancient times, and it is present at large in Slovene traditional dishes, such as mush, flat cakes, and rolled dumplings.