Did you know?

Žito frozen products with the Vegan certificate

Vegetarians and vegans will be thrilled with this news. All sorts of Žito frozen and chilled pastry now boast the European V-Label certificate for vegetarian products, awarded by the European Vegetarian Union.

Frozen food and its nutritional value

According to many surveys that have been conducted independently frozen food is included among safe foods. It maintains even more vitamins and minerals than the bought fresh or fresh foods prepared at home.

Frozen foods

Quickly frozen foods are those food products that have been frozen using a deep-freeze procedure where crystallisation is exceeded as fast as possible and the reached temperature of the product was maintained at -18 °C or lower.

Freezing food products

By freezing, the durability of food products can be prolonged without preservatives. The advantage of quick freezing is also the fact that food products lose less beneficial nutrients during this procedure. The advantage of frozen products is that you can store them and they are instantly available. Their preparation is quick and easy.