Did you know?

Freezing food products

  • We freeze foods to extend their shelf-life without using chemical preservatives, to preserve the natural taste and appearance of fresh food and to keep them in stock at home.
  • The quick freezing method is a method where the zone of maximum crystallisation, the interval between 1°C and –7°C, is passed as fast as possible. This way we achieve formation of a large number of small crystals, which minimally damages the cell structure. This kind of freezing is possible in industrial conditions. Freezing food slowly causes the formation of a small number of large crystals, which damage the cell structure, the cell liquid leaks out, thus foods lose important nutritional substances.
  • Thawed products should not be re-frozen. It is not required to thaw most of the Žito products before cooking them, which is an advantage, since it contributes to the quality and speed of preparing a meal.
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