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Žito frozen products with the Vegan certificate

Vegetarians and vegans will be thrilled with this news. All sorts of Žito frozen and chilled pastry now boast the European V-Label certificate for vegetarian products, awarded by the European Vegetarian Union. The uniform criteria of the certificate provide standardised labelling of vegan and vegetarian products across Europe, thus enhancing transparency and clarity in the commercial environment. V-Label certificate is an internationally recognised symbol registered for labelling vegan and vegetarian products and services. It is a simple and solid guidance on shopping for consumers striving for vegan and vegetarian diet.

Products with vegan certificate pursue the following:

  • They do not contain raw material of animal origin, or they contain it in quantities not exceeding the limit set for vegan products.
  • Vegan and vegetarian principles are applied in the production process.
  • They do not contain GMO.

Certified Žito frozen products:


Homemade filo pastry

Fresh filo pastry

Spelt phyllo dough

Wholegrain filo pastry

Frozen puff pastry

Spelt puff dough

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